Helium Relay Issues
Log into your router & open port 44158
Once you open it go back above and check to see that it's open.
Click above and check port 44158
Bobcat Miners
Where I Purchase My Helium Mining Supplies

400 lmr coax cable

Tripod Stand 
Grounding Wire
Mining Helium (HNT)
Lightning Arrestor
Ethernet cable

Helium useful websites
Helium Hotspot Custom LMR-400 cable build
Length 25 FT
Connector 1 (Hotspot side) RP-SMA Male
Connector 2 (Antenna/Arrester side) N Male
Solar Panel Exhaust Fan
Current Price Helium (HNT)
Spent so far on RAK miners - $9,155
​Spent so far on Supplies - $4,000

Are you a partner in my business venture with the HNT Miner?
Step #1

Step #2

Step #3

Step #4

Plug in the miner to the wall. 
This is the first step to SYNCH up to the blockchain.
Sometimes this take a few hours to a few days.
In the search box type in the name of your miner or your address then select the miner in the pop up box.

Click on the name of the miner to the left. Under the Statistics tab click on 24H, 7D, 14D, 30D This is the earning figures.
The business arrangement is for me to provide all the equipment at no cost to you and split 30% monthly of this earnings. 
You are RESPONSIBLE for:
Making sure the miner is up and running.
Getting the miner out of RELAY.
Placement of the miner and antenna placement.
I've provided 35ft of wire and an 8dbi antenna for roof placement.
The higher up the antenna the earning goes up.

​Please do your part in researching online YOUTUBE has so many videos.
If you have any questions just contact me.
The name of my miner is: Ambitious Laurel Sloth
My set up is: Antenna on my roof, 25 ft cable to miner, miner plugged into my router. Type in my miner in Step #2 and check out my average Monthly earnings.
Fix a Flatlined RAK Helium Miner With a New MicroSD Card
- A lot of my miners need the new MicroSD Card - 
I'm working on it and will be getting all of them updated asap.
I purchased new 64GB MicroSD Cards - I will be replacing them one at a time.
The ultimate goal is to do it here and mail out the MicroSD Card to my hosts if that's possible. If not I will need the miners to be brought back to me so I can replace the MicroSD Cards. Thanks.

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